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Bright White After RestorationRevitalising Age Discoloured Ceilings

The most common ailment of suspended ceilings is that they lose impact and light reflectance through age discolouration.

Above All restore an as new whiteness to both tiles and gridwork to all types of suspended ceiling, whilst maintaining class O fire rating and acoustic value when a ceiling is re-coated in-situ with Fissure-Tex or Spa-Coat.

Most colours are also available.

Before & AfterRepair Smoke Damage

Whether your tiles are discoloured because of smokers, or, more worryingly, from a small fire, Above All can restore your ceiling back to whiteness. We’ve restored many smoking areas’ ceilings, as well as carried out work for clients who have suffered a fire and wish to return to work as quickly and economically as possible.

Spa Coat Ceiling ExampleImproved Aesthetics

When you restore or clean a discoloured suspended ceiling, the surroundings are immediately brighter, and the whole area looks new once more.

Low DisruptionLow Disruption

Replacing a suspended ceiling is a highly disruptive exercise – often closing the area for a substantial period of time. Above All’s Ceiling Restoration methods save you from major disruption, allowing you to return to the area quickly.

Environmental AdvantageEnvironmental Benefits

Restoring ceilings saves the unnecessary waste and dumping of materials such as paper, metal, fibreglass etc. which occurs as a result of replacement of suspended ceilings and also restores light reflectance, allowing fewer lights to be used. Above All recycles approximately 80% of its waste.”

Complex Ceiling25 Years of Experience

Above All were established in 1983 – our wide range experience means we can deal with the restoration of all types of ceiling including: Mineral Fibre, Metal Pan, Plain, Perforated, Textured, Plastic Faced, Open Cell, Blown Acoustic, Under-Purlin Lining, Chilled and Heated.